Sweet! Digizine

Extreme Rides
Extreme Rides is an Interactive TV prototype produced as a partnership between the American Film Institute and Discovery Channel’s New Media Department.
Produced in 2002, when interactive TV technology was still emerging, the goal was to demonstrate the potential of a hybrid between television and the internet.
The producers wanted viewers to be able to dig deeper than the linear broadcast and be able to share their experience. The prototype includes the ability for viewers to take “virtual rides” of popular roller coasters by changing camera angles on the fly, play roller coaster trivia games, build their own roller coaster, use instant messaging, and purchase roller coaster merchandise, all while simultaneously viewing the linear broadcast.
Sweet! Digizine
Sweet! Digizine, hosted by Jessica Biel, was produced by Motivational Media
Assemblies in the late 1990’s. 
Created for CD-ROM before the advent of DVD, Sweet! was one of the first interactive
multi-media products of its kind, and garnished several awards as the best multi-media educational product in the nation.
Sweet! reached a circulation of 8,000 subscribers and was sold on news stands
nationwide. It was also widely used in secondary schools across the country where
students could explore interactive profiles of American icons like Jackie Robinson or learn more about the physics of skateboarding from the legendary Tony Hawk. 
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